Quiz Night Games (or Trivia Night Games) and Activities

Regular games and activities are essential to a good general-purpose quiz night. They make things more interesting, create some diversions from those with less general knowledge, provide great opportunities to feature your sponsors/donors and best of all give you a chance to earn more money for your cause.

Here are a few quick game suggestions for your next trivia night:

Heads and Tails or Two up

Either have a bowl/bucket on each table to allow participants to make their payment, or have volunteers roam around quickly to make a collection. Pick a pricepoint whether it's any contribution, fixed at 20c or a 'gold coin donation'.

All paid participants then stand and elect to guess two heads, a head and a tail, or two tails. They do this by placing both hands on their head, bum or one on each.

When all have made their selection, a volunteer then flips two coins and calls out the result. Any who did not guess correctly sit down immediately. The survivors make a guess for the next round.

Continue until you have a winner and hand out a prize.

Process of Elimination

As with Heads and Tails (above), all paying participants stand and a series of statements are read out (remember to prepare these in advance!). People who do not meet the successive criteria sit down until a sole winner remains.

Example statements are:

  • have a tattoo
  • are wearing socks
  • have more than one key in their pocket or bag
  • walked up stairs earlier in the day
  • have a member of the opposite sex within roughly one metre of them
  • ate breakfast that morning


Give each table an old newspaper and a roll of sticky tape. Within a specified time frame, the table's members must cooperate to create the tallest free-standing structure they can using only those items. Add in any extra items you wish to customise it for any theme of the event.


An auction of major items can quickly bump up your count of money raised. Things like autographed sports memorabilia, weekends away at a local bed and breakfast, vouchers for quality restaurants or similar items are suitable.

Make sure that you have someone confident enough to act as auctioneer and get bids out of the crowd.

Silent auction

A silent auction at a quiz night can certainly be run in conjunction with the main auction and gives everyone smaller items on which to bid during breaks in the evening. Set up an area of tables with items, each with its own sheet describing the item, giving a suggested retail value, and then full of lines enabling people to leave their name, phone number or table number and bid amount.

Collect money from the winners later in the evening. Recommended items for a silent auction are bottles of wine, homewares, vouchers for gyms, restaurants or retail stores, etc.

Coin Toss/Roll

Often appealing for the guys in the crowd is more of a physical challenge. Set up a prize such as a bottle of spirits on a table or smooth floor and mark with tape a standing position a few metres away. Participants must throw or roll a coin so as to land it within a certain range of the prize. Routinely collect all but the closest coin at the time. Keep the name and table number of the reigning winner until the conclusion of the night at which time you can hand over the prize.


The secret to a successful quiz night